Thursday, 15 December 2011

Toadstool Needle Case Tutorial Movie

The recent workshop was a hive of activity with a trio of felt based projects to complete, unfortunately time caught up with the constituents and the afternoon ended all too quickly. So for those that did not manage to complete all the projects on the day, the Ministers have created some helpful and instructive tutorials to assist completion.

Workshop Tutorial 1
Magic Mushrooms

1. Stab stitch veins onto stalk
2. Sew numerous French or Bullion knots on the cap
3. Sew stalk to white felt using running stitch
4. Sew cap to white felt using running stitch
5. Sew white felt to needle case front cover using running stitch

Your Toadstool Needle Case is ready for shiny silver needles!

Toadstool Trivia:
A number of wild toadstools and mushrooms have hallucinogenic properties. This particular toadstool' s poison affects the nervous system and  the Vikings  would eat them before going into combat in order to obtain their fighting frenzy. This fighting frenzy was known as 'Beserk' which is where the phrase is derived.
The mythology behind the colour of this recognisable toadstool was due to a Viking God's horse. The Viking God Wonton was being chased by devils, as his stead galloped away the red foam from the horses mouth fell down to the earth and stained the caps of the white mushrooms.