Friday, 30 September 2011

ABCD Mystery Gift Movie

MOHE's Mystery Gift Revealed...

The Three Weeds in Rozelle hosted yet another successful ABCD (Artist's, Bloggers, Crafters and Designers networking event) event for creative Sydneysiders. The night began with a twist as you embarked on a 'Speed Meeting' of those on the guest list and ended with an oversize goodie bag brimming with gifts from all the attendees.
MOHE's gift came with an invitation to the first workshop 'It's all in the detail...', to be held just over a week away on Sunday 9th October at 10am (see VENUE tab for more details).

But, back to the gift....
Clear some space on your studio table, set the Mac in clear view and have scissors, stitch un-pick and a champagne cork at the ready.
In collaboration with Little Episodes, MOHE brings to you your first 2 minute workshop.

Don't forget to bring this gift with you to the workshop on Sunday 9th October. You'll be cramming it full with ideas, tips and sketches of the inspirational suggestions.

The Minister's look forward to seeing you at the Sir Stamford at 10am.