"Forties Felt Flowers"
Find out what went on in the workshop by clicking here to see the film of the day!
"Thanks for a lovely day out. You both did a great job "
Amanda Hosey
11 March 2012

"What a lovely workshop!!! Had myself a blast"

Would the real piece of vintage felt work please stand up?

Mark McKenna
11 March 2012
"We had a lovely time yesterday and I'll be wearing my felt flowers today and am going to attempt to make the red chrysanthemum this afternoon. The delightful Minister's are so gorgeous, we look forward to attending more MOHE workshops."
Liz Seymour
12 February 2012

"Thanks for Sunday again! See my efforts"

Sandy Wright
12 March 2012

"Rosettes & Cockades"
Find out what went on in the workshop by clicking here to see the film of the day!
"Noush Noush, you are so well behaved. The things your mummy puts you through. What a great little video"
Sasha Faint
28 February 2012

"Thank you Ministers. I had such a wonderful time making the cockades. Can't wait for the next class :)"
Bahareh Shariati
27 February 2012

"I just wanted to say thank you for Sunday's workshop. I enjoyed myself and am very pleased I've learnt how to make out MOHE cockade. I shall endeavour to translate this into beading and, when done, shall send a pic for you to post. Many thanks again Ladies"
Patrick Duggan
15 February 2012

"Cath Kidston Christmas"
Find out what went on in the workshop by clicking here to see the film of the day!
"Thanks again Ministers. I had a fantastic day at the workshop. I love my little needlecase and have made two more for xmas gifts. Love the tutorials, the credits made me laugh 'Filmed on location, Woronora kitchen table"
"Thank you so much - last Sunday was another wonderful event and I look forward to more of the same next year. Your gifts were so thoughtful "
Heather Idoine
12 December 2011
General Manager
Sir Stamford Hotel

"It has taken a month, but finally I have taken photos of the clothes that I have done some work on. I am yet to finish the two shirts I've been working on since the Ribbon manipulation course"

Penny George
11 December 2011

"Ribbon Manipulation..."
Find out what went on in the workshop by clicking here to see the film of the day!

"The samples of the ribbon work on the boards were so lovely. I must say I can get very addicted to ribbon work. The booklet handed to all of the constituents was easy to follow and a handy memento with which we can refer to, keeping the booklet in our sewing basket. 
The braid-making was terrific. It gave us all a little challenge and an ice-breaker chatting to others. It is always lovely to take home something we have done at a workshop and "show off" to friends and family!!! I am sure the method will have lots of applications.
You both(Ministers) were very helpful giving individual attention to everyone. Enabled us to master the technique leaving us confident to repeat the process "post workshop". I also loved the entertainment (piano and singer) provided by the Stamford Hotel"
Christine Wilson
18 November 2011

"Loved the day and the venue. I bought a (cheap) little black top and put ribbon on it last week. Pretty cool!!!"
Linda Sadek
23rd November 2011

"It's all in the detail..."
Find out what went on in the workshop by clicking here to see the film of the day!

"This was so much fun! I now have a fabulous cardi from something I was about to throw out. Lots of great food and fine company in comfy seats and a gorgeous setting. What could be better? The Ministers put an amazing amount of effort into the presentation and I learnt so many tips as well as having lots of fun. Great day out! Thanks"
19 October 2011

"So enjoyed the workshop. Sir Stamford Hotel was a lovely venue. The ambience was one of relaxation, and out high tea was delicious. All so professional"
Christine Wilson
18 October 2011

"May I say I enjoyed the workshop immensely, you have a great concept there which works. Can't wait for the next one!!!"
Sandy Wright
14 October 2011

"I had a great time on Sunday. My cardi is finished. I'm pleased we still have a bit of cold weather which means I can wear it. I have a few people that have said they'd like to come to the next workshop. Look forward to catching up with you again soon"
Penny George
14 October 2011

"What a lovely afternoon it was!! Thanks Kamilla and Kareena for all of your hard work that went into preparing for the day. I came away with some great inspiration for my cardigans and t-shirts for Summer. Who knew so much could be done with a few bits and bobs. Loved the goodie bag with decoration bits to get me going at home!"
Sasha Faint - Designer  
12 October 2011  
Faint Impressions - Handmade Handbags
Sasha Faint Photography         

"I would like to say thank you ladies for running the get together. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, the food and the people. So very relaxed. I am a beader and felt totally at home amongst the other 'crafters', sadly I cannot be there for November 13th as I am in Melbourne. I certainly will come along for the December day."
Patrick Duggan
12 October 2011