Thursday, 15 December 2011

Robin Redbreast Decoration Tutorial Movie

Workshop Tutorial 2
Rockin' Robin

1. Using textile glue stick Robin body onto heart
2. Using textile glue stick redbreast and white tummy onto Robin's body
3. Stab stitch tail, wing and beak onto Robin
4. Using textile glue stick cerise ribbon to remaining heart
5. Using textile glue stick two hearts together
6. Sew two hearts together using running stitch

Your Robin Redbreast Decoration is ready to hang on the tree!

Robin Redbreast Trivia: 
The Robin is a very friendly little bird that does not migrate and sticks out the harsh European winters. Known for hopping close by as you shovel snow from the garden path, it will perch on your spade as you rest, or eat from your hand if you have some crumbs.
The Sunday School version of explaining the Robin's red breast is very sweet. As Christ hung on the cross bearing a crown of thorns, the little bird took great pity on his pain and tried in vain to remove the crown of thorns to alleviate some of his suffering. Unfortunately, the little bird only succeeded in pricking his chest upon the thorns and as a result Christ's blood trickled onto the white chest feathers and made a permanent stain.