The quarterly workshops run for 4 hours, 10am till 2pm with the Ministers being available on hand till 3pm for further assistance.
Continue reading for further detailed information on the workshops.
Bookings can be made by clicking HERE


10am, 23rd September: "Pimp Great Britain"

10am, 21st October: "Pimp my Bag"
10am, 16th December: "Cath Kidston Christmas"
BRISBANE: We are working with one of Paddington’s finest vintage shops to bring you a very special one-off MOHE Crafternoon High Tea workshop…so watch this space!


10am, 17th March: "Pimp my ..." (To be announced)
10am, 16th June: "Pimp my ..." (To be announced)
10am, 15th September: "Pimp my ..." (To be announced)
10am, 15th December : "A ... ... Christmas" (To be announced)

What goes on at a typical workshop?

There are three 'Pimp my ...' workshops and one Christmas Special. As a general rule we will present the workshop outline with plenty of examples and clear demonstrations, where you will;
  • Observe 3 different historical techniques (nothing is new in craft)
  • View a range of contemporary samples
  • Create a vintage inspired item for each of the 3 techniques.
  • Learn 3 new skills (that don't involve any crafting)
  • Provided with 3 work packs containing pre-cut materials for each of the techniques
  • Leave with a total of six new skills and techniques, 3 vintage inspired products, instructions for 6 more projects, some like minded crafting friends…
  • …AND a handmade couture gift from the Minister's.

Sydney Booking
We offer an early bird price for those that don't want to miss out and a set price thereafter. The fee includes all materials, instruction book and one-to-one help, the anecodotal entertainment is free but food and parking (if required) are an additional cost and independent of MOHE (more details can be obtained at the VENUE page (click HERE to be taken straight to the page)
Further details about the workshop and how to book can be found at the Meetup website (click HERE to be taken to our MOHE page)
Once you have booked your place, you will receive an e-mail providing you with all the necessary information in order to be full prepared, equipped and ready to get creative.

Private Hire
Our workshops are also available for private hire, where we tailor our content to your particular theme. From Bridal Showers to Birthdays, presenting workshops on Hosting an Afternoon Tea to Furniture Restoration, we can cater for all events and subject matter. Being geographically mobile we are happy to come to you wherever that may be. In the second half of 2012 we will be presenting in Brisbane at a gorgeous vintage shop in Paddington as well as the sumptuous Hydro Hotel on the South Coast of Great Britain.

To hosting a Private Workshop, please contact the Minister of Artistic Licence providing as much information as possible including contact telephone number.

Workshop Information
Our workshops offer a variety of traditional and innovative crafting techniques, adding the Minister's own maverick touch to the proceedings. Both Minister's have teaching in their career history (Art & Design and Design & Technology) and are therefore able to offer you an experience that has been tailor made for the inventive crafter. Whether you are a beginner anxious with newbie nerves or an established crafter with oodles of experience we guarantee you a learning experience that will add to your craft vocabulary. 

The Minister's guarantee their Constituents at each workshop will have;
  • Clear and concise information
  • Entertaining and engaging delivery
  • Technical Demonstrations
  • Abundance of visual aids to handle
  • One to one support for your particular learning style
  • Hand illustrated workshop booklet with additional projects, tips and tricks
  • Three work packs containing the materials to make each project being presented
  • MOHE Vintage Haberdashery: Goodies fro the 1870-1980s to purchase for crafting*
  • MOHE Market: Gifts from Australian owned 'Little Originals', purveyor of novelties, notions and fancies
  • Private room in decadent and comfortable surroundings
  • Surprise gift from the Minister's at the end of the workshop
  • Disc containing all the workshop images used
*The Minister of Artistic Licence is a consummate Bower bird and as such has an eclectic collection of vintage and unusual materials that are sold as MOHE Vintage Haberdashery, 20% of haberdashery profit goes toward MOHE Mutt which supports the Sydney Dogs & Cats home
**Australian owned company 'Little Originals', purveyor of novelties, notions and fancies  support the Sydney Dogs & Cats home by donating 10% from the profit of every sale to MOHE Mutt.