The non-sexist craft group

Shane and Gary felt a little overdressed 
as they arrived at the workshop

For the uneducated non-crafters out there, you may believe that 'Crafting' is a Ladies area of specialism and there is certainly no room for a man in the ranks.
Well firstly let me say two works... Kaffe Fasset (Google him).
Thank you.
Secondly, as Minister for Artistic License I am a traditionally trained craftsperson and one of those crafts I excel in is woodwork. It seems only fair and inclusive that MOHE offers a few of the more physical crafts for the creative males out there.

That is correct young man, the Minister for Artistic License regularly runs a Men's MOHE Workshop. You can come along and learn a skill that will not only save you $$$ on awsome pieces of furniture and other design classics but also act as particularly good conversation starter, not to mention make you the envy of all your friends.

This is the best can choose when you want it to be run (as long as it does not clash with any of the set workshops in the calendar. All you need to do is...
1. Gather your chums together and find out how many of you are interested in learning a new skill.
2. Contact the Minister of Artistic License at with your details and how many individuals will be participating.
Gentlemen, please be aware that for the workshop to run there must be a minimum of 6 individuals attending. So, speak to friends, get friends to speak to their friends, get your partner to ask their girlfriends boyfriends, invite your Dad, Grandad, Uncle, Brother etc etc
It's that easy.


What time does it start? 
Will I still get my Sunday sleep in?
The Men's MOHE Workshop will start promptly at 10am - so you will still be able to have a few extra hours in bed.

The Men's MOHE Workshop will be held at Mitchell Road Auction Centre, Delivery Entrance, Ground Floor,  Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW. 

Do I have to pay?
There is a nominal entrance charge (charges vary depending on the workshop requested) and despite providing you with your new skill, booklets, goodie bags and tips galore we don't pocket a penny. Absolutely not,  MOHE donates 100% of your fee to MOHE Mutt&Moggy which is MOHE's monthly charitable donation to Sydney Dogs and Cats home. You can read all about MOHE M&M on the Why page. Additional materials and equipment will also be available on the day  for purchase with 100% of profit going towards MOHE M&M. 

So...a real workshop... for the guys?
I'm really not sure how to confirm this with you further, so I would ask that you move on from your apparent state of shock and surprise.

What are the workshops about?
MOHE offers 3 workshops to select from
#1 Stripping for the Boys: 101
You will be learning to turn that council clear up rescued chair into a design classic by learning the following skills;

  • Stripping with skill
  • The wonder of wire wool
  • Sanding success and avoiding the slip ups
  • Meth cleaning with confidence
  • Wax on...Wax off

#2 More than a Manicure: French Polish
This is the next step after 'Stripping for the Boys', where you hone your skills and learn the art of traditional French Polishing. Unlike Italian Lac Polishing (known to very few practitioners of lac polishing), the French method uses less lac and greater pressure on the surface. In order to keep costs to a minimum we will be using highly refined, altered blonde flakes that have been made into a solution by the Minister of Artistic License. 

#3 Fix my Fault: Veneer Repair & Application
This is the final stage in the trio of workshops that uses both the skills from 'Stripping for the Boys' and 'More than a Manicure'. Invariably furniture will get damaged and on some pieces the delicate veneer is lifted or snapped. This workshop shows you how to repair and re-apply veneer to solve your aesthetic problem. 

What do I need to bring?
A small item of furniture, nothing larger than a chair. Boxes, stools or vintage stereo's are ideal.
The item MUST be made of wood, or at least wood veneer.

What if I don't have an item to restore?
It just so happens your in luck!
Mitchell Road has loads of furniture and objects that are in the ripe and ready state of needing some TLC. Buy in advance one weekend or arrive early, have a look around the ground floor and you will find no end of items that you'll want to purchase and practise your newly developed  skills on.

What about equipment?
Once the booking is locked in and payment have been made, a list of equipment will be sent to you so you can purchase from your local hardware store. Alternatively, you can purchase a MOHE Restoration Pack. All profits of the pack go directly to MOHE M&M.

Do I need to book a place?
The space we will be using holds limited numbers (15), so once you have gathered at least 6 interested males you are strongly advised to book.

I really want to do the workshop, but what if I cannot get 5 mates to come along? 
Just let the Minister know how many will be coming and have a little patience. The Minister will put out the feelers for a fortnight or so to gain some additional attendees. This may impact upon the date of the workshop, but it does mean you still get to attend.

What if you are booked up?
As long as you can get the minimum numbers along (6), then the workshop can be repeated on another date.

What kind of things has the Minister worked on before?
A wide variety of items from humidors to church pews, wardrobes to walking sticks. It just so happens that you can have a look at all the items on the Little Assignments blog. So go on, take a peek.

I was supposed to spend the day with my partner...
but I really want to come to the workshop, what do I do?
Too easy.
If they like vintage, send them on their way to check out the deals on the ground floor of the auction rooms or point them in the direction of the stairs to scout all the stalls on the first floor.
If they like fashion, the workshop venue is in the heart of factory outlet world. So let them spend like they're keeping the economy afloat!
If they like sport, there is a pub a few doors up with Foxtel and TAB.
If they like relaxing with the Sunday papers and coffee - there are 4 lovely coffee shops within 3 minutes of the workshop venue.
If it's their turn to walk the dog, they can take themselves off to Sydney Park at the bottom of Mitchell Road and your four legged friend and their human can play chase and fetch in the best off leash dog park in Sydney (there are cycle tracks for the hardcore and an undercover but outdoor cafe for the rest)

Bruce and Reginald tried to penetrate the cliquey group, 
but without a flat cap 
they knew that they would always be seen as outsides

Remind me where it is again?
Mitchell Road Auction Centre
76 Mitchell Road
NSW 2015

Plenty of parking in the side streets at that time of the morning.

Closest train station is Erskinville, follow directions below;
Exit station and turn right down Swanson Street.
Keep walking as road curves and becomes Copeland Street.
Stop at the T-junction, with a car wash on your left.
Turn LEFT into Mitchell Road and continue walking.
Mitchell Road Auction Centre is a bright yellow building on the other side of the road corner of Fountain Street