About Us

Artists, Crafters, Designers, Re-cyclers, Vintage lovers, Honourables, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we warmly welcome you to the official site for the Ministry of Home Economics 
(MOHE as it shall hereby be referred)

The Ministry suggests at this stage the viewer should read the following information in a slightly high pitched, terribly clipped 1940s English accent...and tongue planted firmly in your cheek (think Celia Johnson in 'Brief Encounter').
MOHE is an innovative craft group developed by two sisters (otherwise known as Minister’s) with a natural creative flair, arts & craft education and design & technology career history. We love an opportunity to don a vintage outfit and partake in an afternoon high tea, think Mad Men meets Martha Stewart, add a generous portion of gorgeous take home projects and a sprinkling of self-depreciating British humour. This is not a craft group; this is a creative experience with exceptional outcomes!

We have taken our best craft club experiences from around the world and combined them with a dash of wit, a dollop of vintage and lashing and lashings of anecdotal stories delivered as only two British siblings can. Our members are known as Constituents and are talented individuals who express their creative skills as a hobby in their leisure time or as professionals as a business. Constituents range from textile teachers to Sunday afternoon crafters, from burlesque beauties to those that claim they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

MOHE is Sydney's first craft group that provides quarterly workshops teaching new skills and innovative techniques to members that are new to crafting or already established crafters looking for maverick inspirations.

We are NOT a sewing group, we are NOT a knitting group, we are NOT a quilting group and we are NOT a crochet group.

MOHE is a craft group and we mean craft in its original form: an activity involving skill in making things by hand. We are purists and firmly believe that an item made by hand should be beautifully finished and look like a one off couture item. Think stunning embellishments made for a Christian Lacroix dress coat, visualise breathtaking ornamentation adorning a Valentino evening gown…in our workshops a scrap of retro inspired fabric and stab stich does not craft make! One of the great elements of MOHE is that you need have no previous skill to feel completely comfortable at one of our workshops. We can use different materials to create, so being able to thread a needle is certainly not a necessity here at MOHE, in fact the only stitch you’ll have at MOHE is in the side or your torso, very possibly from the result of an increase in uncontrollable laughter from our verbal entertainment. The MOHE projects have three qualities; beautifully finished, vintage inspired and made using glue! Our skill building workshops are inspired by historical techniques, vintage fashion, pre-loved products and recycling.

Developed and presented by two qualified and trained teachers in Art, Textiles, Design and Technology and offering expertise in a range of learning styles to suit all members. We are committed towards creating a friendly, entertaining, supportive and informative environment where members can meet like-minded crafters and develop rewarding and kindred relationships.

MOHE's Mission
  • To inspire all Constituents to be creative and innovative
  • To surprise the 'non-crafter' by demonstrating simple techniques for maximum impact
  • To inspire the experienced crafter and add to their skill base
  • Create value in re-cycled products, reusing item destined for the rubbish
  • Share knowledge, skills and techniques in a format that does not isolate individuals
  • Educate on ethical purchase considerations as a crafter